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Cello Tuition

My approach to teaching the CELLO is parallel to how I instruct the PIANO, in that similar ages are taught, various styles can be encompassed  and there is an identically dedicated attitude to posture and technique. See "Piano" page for more information. 

I offer A.M.E.B Cello examination preparation and all associated skills required for grades Preliminary to Grade 8.

Workshops are also offered for improving skills in Duo playing  and for larger ensembles. In addition, as for Piano, specific themes are chosen according to student needs.

ADULT BEGINNERS are most welcome at my studio. Adults obtain particular satisfaction from learning to play this instrument, enjoying the beauty of tone and large range of pitch. Learning an instrument is a healthy challenge for the mind and body at any age, and a great interest for seniors!


As I teach both instruments, Piano and Cello, I can offer Piano accompaniments to the students’ Cello during their lesson. Duet playing can consist of both teacher and student playing Cello, or Teacher on Piano and Student on Cello.

It is important for an exam student to have regular access to the Piano accompaniments required in the examination. Therefore, I regularly encourage  exam students to listen and play with the Piano accompaniments throughout the year, as part of the lesson. This offers the opportunity to become familiar with the appropriate speed and style and above all, avoids having to look elsewhere for an accompanist!


Learning the Cello is particularly suited to becoming involved in DUET, TRIO and ENSEMBLE practice and performance. Workshops are offered for the students’ enjoyment and to improve the necessary skills required in these areas.

(Cello Hire can be arranged and advice given on qualities to look for when buying an instrument.)



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